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Kissing Kade



Ryan Adams has lusted after his best friend’s brother for a while. Last year at a party, things went wrong—or right, considering his longtime crush. He got a taste and a feel of Kade. Now he wants more. Something inside Ryan knows they’d make a great couple if the other man would just give him a chance—then fate steps in.


Kaden Harrow always considered himself straight, until last New Year’s when he ended up making out with his sister’s best friend Ryan after a fight with his on again off again girlfriend. Secretly, he can’t get the night with Ryan out of his head and fantasizes about it still. So, when he becomes single, Kade needs to figure out a way to let the man know he is more than interested. The problem is will Ryan look at him as a past fling, just being fickle or possibly more? There’s only one way to find out.

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